Guardian of a Child of God (7)

Using our kids’ desires as leverage is just one of many ways we manipulate them, but it is a particularly unloving way because, in a sense, we are asking them to sell their souls. We hold out something they want and say “You can have it as soon as you become the person I want you to be.”

Hugh & Gayle Prather

Spiritual Parenting : A Guide to Understanding and Nurturing the Heart of Your Child

If you are to see your child from a perspective greater than your ego history, you must approach child care as holy work. Which means happy work. If you can relax and enjoy your child-instead of straining againts the burdens of child care-you are doing all any mother or father ever need do. You have, in fact, begun the healing of the world.

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All that we teach our kids by consistently trying to correct them in anger is that we believe deeply in anger as the most effective approach to difficulties.

These parents must remember that it is not the parents’ function to turn againts their children. It is the child’s function to turn againts the parent-if that is what happens. And very often adolescents and adult children appear to do just that, even as we have so often rejected the One who never rejects us.

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Only Peace leads our children to peace; only love can find the place of Love.

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As parents we should consider ourselves more lime a Sherpa guide than a trainer or commanding officer. As one who has greater experience, but not greater value, our function is to climb the mountain beside our child, providing direction wherever we can, but above all offering our constant support. Then as we near the peak-as the child becomes an adolescent and then an adult-we stay back and let him or her pursue the dream, asking not even for credit for how much we helped along the way.

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